Research & Development

Research & Development

"The essence of knowledge is, having it, to use it."

For us, research and development means successfully adapting to the final product in a targeted manner the enormous variety and complexity of what is required of materials and production processes.

This especially applies to our expertise in the area of ambitious functional tasks.
In our laboratories, we develop pastes and emulsions by means of endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Matched with the components’ activation energies and responsiveness, multifunctional materials are the result.

Our research and development enables us to deliver customer-specific solutions and co-ordinated system families.

They include high-performance composites and lightweight constructions with micro-/nano-structured surfaces.

That is why open fibres are for us not just high-performance fibres as carriers of our surface developments but the basis of innovative multifunctional textile materials.

All of this opens up for our developments a wide range of uses in, inter alia, the automobile industry, transport and aerospace technology.

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