Textiles in the THIRD DIMENSION

With over 40 years of experience in textile finishing, Textildruckerei Mayer is an innovative partner for modern, intelligent design and technical textiles. Its patented CERAPUR 3D ceramic hard coating family is a high-performance coating that sets new standards in optics, wear and tear and protection. Its maximum strength, dirt-repellent, electroconductive and flame-retardant properties extend the material range of product design and application areas.

Patented properties:

  • 3D hard coating (high-performance coating), micro-armouring
  • Surface protection for sensitive materials
  • Special technical optics
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Flame-retardant
  • Microcirculation
  • Soft coating
  • Electroconductive
  • Heating
  • Shining, luminescent
  • Easy to clean, robust and durable
  • Economical, ergonomic, adaptable.



  • Vehicle interiors, car doors
  • Seat covers and upholstery
  • Visual design of functional areas
  • Imitation leather surfaces
  • Geotextiles
  • Automotive, buses and trains
  • Trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, forklifts
  • Hybrid composite materials
  • Multifunctional office textiles
  • Leisure and sport textiles
  • Electromobility
  • Textile and construction materials
  • Technical lightweight systems


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