Company & Mission

Our Mission

This mission is our written corporate and work philosophy. It clarifies our common principles in dealing with our customers, partners and employees. 

1. Who We Are 
Textildruckerei Mayer is a family firm with a leading position in textile print finishing. Both in our existing screen, roller, rotary, sublimation and flock printing and 3D coating portfolios and in future areas of activity we aim to be the clear competence leader for our customers and partners. In this position, we fulfil our fundamental social tasks for everyone who is connected with Textildruckerei Mayer:

  • We enhance the function and value of products.
  • We contribute toward securing the future for our customers, our partners and ourselves.
  • We deal with each other in a fair and reasonable way. 

2. These Are Our Aspirations
Mayer customers and partners are the focal point of our daily work.
We want Textildruck Mayer customers and partners to be convinced and highly satisfied.
We stand for innovation, active market design, individual problem solutions and national and international commitment. 
With our products and services, we deliver the greatest possible benefit for our users, customers and partners. 
Across the entire range of our services, we impress with the highest standards of quality and safety. At Textildruckerei Mayer, we see quality comprehensively as both product quality and quality of relationship.
All Textildruckerei Mayer employees contribute with their frame of mind and their dedicated action toward our overall success. That is how, at all levels and in all areas, we create a working environment in which … 

  • Clear targets/tasks are set and their implementation is supported by one and all.
  • Everyone in the company assumes responsibility for the tasks with which they are entrusted, the quality of what they do and the results that they achieve. 
  • Outcomes are measured, performance is acknowledged and skills are promoted. 
  • Everyone is required to perform their tasks in internal and external service processes in the interest of all. 
  • Swift adjustment to internal and external change processes is possible. 

At the same time, this working environment is intended to achieve the highest possible degree of work satisfaction and, with it, quality of life. 
Our management assumes responsibility for ensuring the future of the company as a whole and for future-oriented personnel development. 

3. Quality and Standards 
Quality out of a sense of responsibility. 
Product and system certificates vouch for the fulfilment of all statutory requirements. To maintain our high standards we have in place a quality management system of our own. 
It ensures traceability of all production processes. As long ago as in 1996, Textildruckerei Mayer opted for voluntary inspection to the Öko Tex 100 (Class 1) Standard.

Having applied for and received GOTS certification (one of the strictest standards for textile products), we guarantee that our products contain no materials and dyes that constitute a health hazard. In August 2014, we successfully achieved DIN ISO 9001 certification.

4. Targets for 2020
We have already achieved significant reductions and savings with a 2009 programme to deal responsibly with energy, sustainability and resources. Hydroelectric power, water recycling and waste prevention are as much a part of our environmental portfolio as the transition from oil to gas. In 2012, we completed our third energy efficiency construction phase by installing a new dark radiator heating system, reducing our gas consumption by 30%. In spring, phase four will follow with the conversion of office heating to a gas-fired condenser boiler, reducing consumption by a further 20%. Heat recovery in the production process enabled us to optimise consumption in fusing by means of a heat exchanger for the intake air. The changeover to renewable hydroelectric power enabled us to switch to a new supplier. These ongoing processes permit us to keep pace with the latest developments. In summer 2014, energy efficiency was improved by replacing the existing compressed air supply with a low-energy system. 2015/16 saw the switchover from conventional air-drying of printed sheets to ultra-violet and direct drying.

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