Heinrich Mayer founds his textile printing company. The work is done by hand, at a two-metre-long table in the garage, together with his wife Elsbeth. The first day of work is May 2nd, a Thursday. The first samplings are followed by tough months of waiting. The work comes in October in the form of 180,000 frogs for the Ernst Schöller company in Tailfingen.


The two-meter table is too small, as is the "production area" in the garage. The residential building gets an extension of around 100 m2.


The first permanent employees are hired and the collaboration with Sanetta begins.


The "Vereinigte Hüttenwerke" are founded: Due to a lack of space, Grandpa Wilhelm builds many small storage huts in his garden to store fabrics.

In the meantime, a Rouleaux printing press and several rotary printing machines are in use. One of them is on duty in Grandpa Wilhelm's stable. More than half of all print jobs are still done manually.


The Mayer textile printing company moves to the new Brunnenwiesen industrial park. The new building is 660 m2 in size and will provide space for a total of seven rotary printing machines over the next two years.


Space becomes scarce again: a 330 m2 extension is added to the company building. One year later, the neighbouring car workshop became part of the company premises.


The textile printing company has 30 permanent employees and the same number of temporary workers. It has remained the company's highest number of employees since then. The daily production comprises 12,000 individual parts and 900 kg of goods by the metre. A new rotary printing machine is put into operation; the corresponding investment is one million Deutschmarks.


The Schell textile printing company in Bisingen with 25 employees is now part of the Mayer textile printing company.


Heinrich Mayer moves to East Germany: a textile printing plant is established in Grüna near Chemnitz. The "Adventure East" will last a good five years.


With Michael Steidle, son-in-law of the founder, the second generation begins to take over the fortunes of the company.


The long-standing customer Sanetta relocates its production to Kavala in Greece and takes its "in-house print shop" with them. The new Mayer branch has four printing presses in operation.


Claudia and Michael Steidle found their first own company, Subli Color. The product consists of cycling jerseys finished in thermal printing. Sublimation printing machines are purchased for this purpose.


Sanetta moves the rest of its production abroad. The free capacities flow into high-quality women's outerwear with raster prints, foils and applications of rhinestones. The company's machinery is being modernized and renewed.


After Heinrich Mayer having gradually left the company, Michael Steidle takes over the management together with his wife Claudia.

Claudia und Michael Steidle

Michael Steidle expands his own collection, which he regularly presents at trade fairs. The Rangendingen-based company "Flocktechnik Manfred Dieringer" becomes "MC Flock" as a subsidiary of the textile printing company Mayer, which moves to Unterdigisheim in 2009.


The textile printing house in Kavala moves to Bulgaria. Mayer customer Sanetta is once again relocating its production and taking “their” textile printer with them again.


An enquiry from a local furniture manufacturer reaches Mayer: a 3D coating with a technical character for a work chair is being sought. Michael Steidle solves the task and thus heralds the development into a technical solution provider.


The 40th anniversary of the Mayer textile printing company is celebrated in the gymnasium in Unterdigisheim with the entire German and Bulgarian workforce as well as numerous guests.


Textile printing company Mayer takes part in Techtextil for the first time.


Amcoprint in Bulgaria celebrates their 10th anniversary.


The Bulgarian textile printing company Amcoprint is sold. This marks the end of the era of international engagements.


The company celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is now called Mayer TechConcepts. The name reflects the company's product portfolio, which focuses on technical solutions and development services.

Luftaufnahme Firmengelände der Textildruckerei Mayer
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